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Gift yourself and your sleep the Royale treatment.

Comfort level MEDIUM / FIRM
Beautyrest Royale
Comfort level MEDIUM / FIRM


The Beautyrest Royale beds are the most premium iteration of the Beautyrest collection, integrating high-performance technologies with luxurious materials. Two storeys of hundreds of individually pocketed springs provide superb support while relieving pressure and eliminating partner disturbance so that you can get your beauty rest!

The high-tech spring system is covered by a top layer, incorporating the finest cashmere for advanced comfort and Air Cool memory foam for temperature regulation.


Beautyrest are known for their technical prowess and use of the finest materials. They are America’s top luxury bed brand for good reason; precise standards, uncompromising craftsmanship and commitment to constant technological innovation and refinement have earned the brand a long-standing reputation for top-tier comfort, support, durability and performance in the sleep industry. While the brand is steeped in history, they continue to create and innovate at the forefront of the bed industr...


Beautyrest have been championing beds of the highest quality since 1870. They have always been ahead of the curve in developing mattress technologies. They were initially only found in the bedrooms of the rich and famous and in the first-class cabins of luxury liners (including the Titanic!). Beautyrest earned endorsements from Elanor Roosevelt in the 1930s and was the first to bring standard King and Queen sizing to market in the 1950s. 

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