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Curate your perfect bedroom with a bespoke headboard.



Your headboard is often the focal point of your whole bedroom. With a customised headboard, you have the opportunity to showcase your flair and add an element of sophistication to your bedroom that ultimately unifies the design of your entire space.

We'll help you navigate through an abundance of designs, frames and fabrics to make the best choice for your lifestyle, space, comfort and personal vision. We also work alongside interior designers, and architects to create custom headboards.

Contemporary or classic? Vibrant or relaxed?

Whether you want your headboard to become a bold centrepiece feature for your bedroom or have a minimalist look, we can build a high-quality headboard to meet your needs.

Our made-to-order headboard service has a rapid turnaround. Within 6-8 weeks, we can have a stunning custom piece, handcrafted in New Zealand, expertly installed in your home.

Visit us to get inspired and chat with our knowledgeable, design-focused team about curating your ideal bedroom space.

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